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Padel courts for your school

Fun, fast and quick to learn, the world’s most rapidly growing racket sport is an instant hit with students. Up to three padel courts can fit within a conventional tennis court area, maximising racket sport potential and commercial rental income opportunities for your school, college or university.

Stand out from other schools, colleges and universities by being ahead in the padel game, by offering a winning combination in fitness and fun. There’s lots of benefits for students.

Healthy outdoors fun

Excellent for fitness

Quick and easy to learn

Enjoyed all ages

Great for integration and building friendships

All permanent and temporary Easi-Padel courts are designed, manufactured and installed to meet with standards set by world padel sport governing body, International Padel Federation (padelfip). The Easi-padel team has more than 30 years of experience working with planners, sports governing bodies, officials, clubs, leagues, tournament organisers and the world’s leading sports surface test houses to offer compliant, quality, high performance solutions.

For Schools & Education

Did you know the ROI in padel ?

One Padel court occupies less than half the size of a Tennis court. (1 Tennis court* = 2/3 Padel courts). Typically, only two people play tennis. Padel is mostly played by four players. Once one Tennis court is converted into three Padel courts; in the same space where only two people played tennis (1 Tennis court), now 12 people would play Padel

Tennis clubs could enjoy triple of the profit from converting to padel.