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Padel courts at your tennis club

Convert a low attendance tennis court in to two to three padel courts to help attract new interest, offer an exciting add-on for your long-term membership, and promote mini tennis coaching programmes.

Be ahead of the padel game, by offering your members access to the fastest growing ball sport in the world. The game of padel is growing year on year in popularity, and it is likely your members are already familiar with the sport and have even played it before.

For Tennis Clubs

Tennis clubs across the world have reported a boost both financially and in terms of membership numbers with the installation of padel as an add-on to facilities.

Padel Benefits

Padel offers many benefits to all ages and abilities, opening up potential for any club to retain and attract members. A padel match is usually played by four people, so by converting a low attendance tennis court to three padel courts, you are potentially seeing up to 12 members using the space originally used by just two players.

For Tennis Clubs

Easy-to-play, padel attracts member interest quickly

The padel game is lots of fun

Padel is not as physically demanding as tennis

Padel encourages a more social environment for members

Coaches of young and new members can organise mini training programmes to promote racket and ball sport skills

Attract interest among friends and family of long-standing club members

For Tennis Clubs

Did you know the ROI in padel ?

One Padel court occupies less than half the size of a Tennis court. (1 Tennis court* = 2/3 Padel courts). Typically, only two people play tennis. Padel is mostly played by four players. Once one Tennis court is converted into three Padel courts; in the same space where only two people played tennis (1 Tennis court), now 12 people would play Padel

Tennis clubs could enjoy triple of the profit from converting to padel.

All permanent and temporary Easi-Padel courts are designed, manufactured and installed to meet with standards set by world padel sport governing body, International Padel Federation (padelfip). Pop-up padel courts can be installed on any flat surface, and with Easi-Padel’s unrivalled expertise in sport surface constructions, our customers are assured of optimum quality performance for both professional and recreational play.

Easi-Padel also designs, supplies and constructs a range of temporary pop-up courts for padel trials and special event tournament.

Full annual maintenance, sports surface compliance testing, and resurfacing services available.

For Tennis Clubs


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